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Welcome to PetPoolBuddi


Pet Pool Buddi unit is made of Aluminium tubing connected with the Connect-It range of connectors.

The Connect-it range is used for shelving and can withstand up to 500kg of weight if used as instructed.

The netting is a heavy duty 80% shade net that is used on farms and carports.

All the cutting, sewing and packaging gets done in one workshop to guarantee that every unit is of good quality and standard.

It is also super easy to assemble and install.

The big and small unit has the same size platform. The difference is that the small unit sinks 15cm into your pool, and the big unit sinks 30cm into your pool.

Videos of the installation and assembling get sent to each customer and are also available on our Facebook page.


If you have a Postnet close to your home or work, then postage is a breeze. 2-3 days for delivery makes this a good option.



Easy Instalation